Pentral release mesmerising new music video for ‘All My Wounds’

Emily Lindsell

Following on from their recent success of single ‘Silent Trees’, which was highly praised from both Prog and New Noise, Pentral have unleashed their newest track All My Wounds.

The music video, released Friday, March 26th, is set as a live performance – something not many of us have had the chance to experience recently. The video transports you back to the bliss of life pre-covid, where we could attend gigs and witness the magic of live music whenever we pleased.

Seeing the trio up on stage, illuminated by the lights and delivering a performance with such intensity that you can’t look away, it almost feels as though you’re in the venue with them experiencing the show firsthand. It brings a sense of nostalgia, making you crave for the day we can finally get back to watching good, live music unfold before our eyes.

The track itself is the perfect one to accompany that nostalgia, as its lyrics and general sound embody such a positive message. The powerful bass, guitar and drums, paired with it’s empowering lyrics, makes it the ideal song to scream along to at your first live gig post-coronavirus. The album that the song originates from was completely recorded and produced throughout the pandemic, so Pentral are just as eager as us for them to get on stage and sing their beliefs to the world, which is hopefully something that can occur within the near future!

‘All My Wounds’, which is track 2 from their upcoming album, is one of many songs produced by the band that incorporates sounds and styles from their cultural background into their release. Pentral are driven on expressing their values through their music whilst also staying true to themselves and their culture, talking on important topics such as racism and discrimination through their lyrics. The band consistently stand up for what they believe in and are keen to make change in the world through the power of their music and the influence it can bring.

You can watch the new music video for All My Wounds here.

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der Mist drop long awaited electro-rock debut album

Glasgow-based der Mist joined forces through a local charity that was founded to to help out young musicians, and are now set to take on the electro-rock scene. With their multi-instrumental talents, the duo have pieced together a debut album that has the sound and atmosphere of a band with many more, showcasing powerful choruses and impressive instrumentals.

Their first lead single of the album ‘It’s Alright’, which was released January 15th, touches upon topics that can be related to the pandemic, as it brings the positive theme of “everything will be okay in the end” – which is just the type of thing we need to get us through the current lockdown! Craig, 1/2 of der Mist, says his favourite part of the creative process was “trying to channel his inner 80’s child”; he goes on to say they were aiming for something new and fresh, yet with that nostalgic feeling, which is definitely something that was achieved with the 12 track album.

der Mist brings us the 80’s inspired electro-rock album that we’ve been missing over the last few decades, picking up on old school inspirations whilst making a sound that is so distinct to themselves and their own style.

Throughout the creation of their album, they released regular content detailing their experiences and the musical processes behind them piecing the album together, being completely transparent about their style of music and the type of people they are – which is something seen as rare within the industry. If you’re looking for good music with strong personality behind it, der Mist are the two-piece for you.

You can listen to their debut album here.

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Written by Emily Lindsell

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