UK Metal Merger release ‘In Soltitude’ in support of Live Music

Emily Lindsell

A collection of some of the most recognised and appreciated rock and metal stars within the industry are coming together in support of live music – releasing a single that will aid those affected by the loss of work within live music due to COVID-19.

This project, which was created and progressed through the multiple lock-downs over the last year, will raise funds to help out those in need who have been negatively impacted from the shutdown of live music. From sound engineers to venue staff, the list of individuals and job roles supported by this project is practically endless, as the live show industry is one of those worst affected by the pandemic. ‘In Soltitude’ will take us one step closer to maintaining the survival of the live event industry, which is essential for all lovers of music, no matter what your favourite artist or genre is.

‘In Soltitude’, which was cut down from 300 hours of footage to just 12 and a half minutes, is a powerful track that holds all the emotion that has stemmed from the pandemic, putting everyone’s frustration and vulnerability into one track designed to keep a dying industry alive.

UK Metal Merger are asking for anyone who is able to donate to contribute to the project, in order to keep live music stable and running. The loss of the live music industry would be a catastrophic loss of talent, skill and knowledge, and would leave so many without a sector of work. ‘In Soltitude’ can help to make the change we need and offer vital support to keep as many people as possible in work.

You can support their project here.

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