Barry Noakes masters multiple genres in upcoming album ‘A New Dawn’

Glasgow-based Barry Noakes has drawn together his multi-instrumental and multi-genre skills to piece together his new and upcoming part-folk, part-country, part-indie album, set to release on the first day of May!

Starting at a young age, Barry’s passion for music shone through as he began to develop his skills with a range of different instruments, beginning with the viola, violin, and piano, whilst also working on readying his vocals for a career in music. He soon came to learn that the guitar was also an instrument he had interest in, which changed his university choices completely as he chose to forgo classical music college, and instead began his higher education on an audio tech course in Salford.

He took a complete change in career paths once he graduated and pursued a career in London as a software engineer. However, this hadn’t stopped him on his adventure in the music industry as throughout his university experience he featured in several indie bands, one of which – Sugarfix – he released 2 EP’s with. He also began to further advance his skills with other instruments, as he learnt how to play the fiddle and incorporated that sound into his music making. This lead to some of his songs taking on more of a folk-sound, which can be heard on several tracks through the album!

Similar to many of us, Barry became productive with his passions throughout lockdown earlier this year and brought his multi-instrumental talents together to compose A New Dawn. The album features Barry playing all of his own instruments whilst also taking on the vocals, something that is rare in today’s age of current music. A New Dawn offers the perfect combination of indie, folk and country, whilst showcasing Barry’s advance range of musical skills, as he plays the piano, double bass, mandolin, fiddle and viola on his tracks.

You can hear that perfect combination of, in Barry’s own words, “Part-folk, part-indie, part-country, all heart” on the 1st of May, but for now be sure to follow Barry Noakes for further news and updates!





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Emily Lindsell

Rie Fu’s Visuals For ‘Mirror’ Will Uplift You

Encasing the fragile vocals and musical purity of artists like Kate Bush and Laura NyroRie Fu has released visuals for ‘Mirror’ that reflect the track’s heartwarming effect, creating a truly enchanting listen.

The fusion of acoustic arrangements and digital production underlines Rie Fu’s focus on how music reflects our surroundings. Transitioning from the electronica music she produced in her bustling home in Tokyo, to her focus on acoustic sounds in her new home in the backwaters of Guildford, Surrey, Rie Fu exhibits flawlessly the importance of surroundings in music – just like any art.

Her abiding link between music and location stands now as a tribute to the peaceful English countryside with the blend of delicate piano, acoustic guitar, cello and subtle electric touches that embody the pastoral settings of Surrey in musical form.

Due to be released later this month, Rie Fu’s forthcoming album ‘Places’ will feature already released Mirror and Ripples and promises tracks that continue her theme of urban and suburban contrast whilst maintaining her innovative folk fusion.

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