“Toxic Fraternity” Deconstructed in Henry Jamison’s acoustic album ‘Gloria’s Complex’

“Sonically, ‘Gloria Duplex’ is as poetic as Jamison’s previous releases… but with a more muscular impact, even on its quieter numbers, and more pronounced dynamics” – Billboard 

With lyrics seemingly spun into gold and folk arrangements that are dreamy and downy soft, laced with orchestral strings and a Sufjan Stevens-worthy vocal, Henry Jamison’s new album ‘Gloria Duplex’ is a confrontation (and attempted rehabilitation) of Henry’s own masculinity – a timely meditation, deconstruction, and criticism of, in Henry’s words, “the ways in which boys in our culture are recruited into a toxic fraternity, by each other, by their fathers.”

The album which has received early praise from The New York TimesTHE FADER, The Bluegrass SituationAtwood Magazine (which called Henry “one of America’s modern folk masters”), was recorded in NYC alongside producer Thomas Bartlett (Sufjan Stevens, St. Vincent) violinist Rob Moose (Bon Iver, Phoebe Bridgers) and mixer Patrick Dillet (Rhye, David Byrne). 

In contrast to Henry’s first album ‘The Wilds’, recorded mostly in solitude in rural Vermont, the new album takes on a lusher, more orchestrally-influenced sound while retaining Henry’s signature lyrical integrity.

With tracks like ‘Gloria’ and ‘Ether Garden’, Gloria’s Complex paints an evolved, and unresolved, portrait of a modern man trying to improve.

This spring, Henry begins his first-ever headlining tour commencing at Omeara, London on the 5th of March and continuing across Europe.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/henryjamison

Twitter: https://twitter.com/henrymjamison

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIzRvMnhT_FEyQiO1IwEVCA

Learning self-empowerment and overcoming your fears with Elyssa Vulpes’ album ‘Holding On, Letting Go’

For fans of Jade Bird and Neko Case comes the folk singer-songwriter Elyssa Vulpes with her debut album Holding On, Letting Go. 

After learning to confront her own fears and anxieties – including stage fright – by her day job as a hypnotherapist and through writing and performing music, Elyssa aims to inspire others to release their ‘scorpion energy’ – confronting fears by shedding the negative skin from themselves.

Originally from Italy but spending time in New Zealand and now residing in Edinburgh, Elyssa offers a modern take on traditional folk sounds whereby she combines acoustic guitar and upbeat folk melodies with elements of indie-pop and Americana.

Lyrically, there are recurring themes of life’s sufferings but also hope and transformation which is perfectly encapsulated in tracks like Front Line: a track that concentrates on overcoming pain and turning it into something positive.

Following her philosophy that ‘without meaning, there is no art’, Elyssa creates a sense of connection to a bigger community in her music, one that isn’t afraid to delve into uncomfortable emotions and find their way through it. With her upbeat instrumentals and lyrics of empowerment, Elyssa creates the wholesome feeling of content that typically comes with folk music.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/elyssa

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyFN-8QTsLgu38Bk71kd0iw

Twitter: https://twitter.com/elyssavulpes