Highs, Lows, and One Man Shows: Introducing Pat and the Pros

Who is Pat?

Born in Mauritius and established in Reunion Island at the age of 8, Patrice Pouzet has the privilege of both English and French culture. Patrice’s musical style has always varied between decades, but his music is definitely in the category of Depeche Mode and David Bowie. Although it must be said, he is no stranger to the music industry, as his previous work in band ‘Parallele’ allowed him to play several successful shows in London in the late 1990’s, leading them to almost get signed!

Unfortunately, all did not work out between the Parellele’s, but for Patrice, every cloud has it’s silver lining and VOILÀ! (which means ta-da in French, for any of you that aren’t bi-lingual) Pat and the Pro’s were born.

What does the music sound like?

His latest single ‘Hey Ooo I A O’ defines their style, and also highlights their inspiration from the likes of Depeche Mode. Undeniably, the guitar riffs are excellent, and the overall mix is great. However, it has to be said that the textures within the track really pack a punch, and the conventional effects used on the vocals are what sculpt that Depeche Mode kind of stylistic nature that resonates throughout its duration.

Now, it has to be said, the guitar solo in this track will get your body positioned for a classic session of air guitar, and it’s perfect guitar tone includes an excellent balance of tone and reverb to create fantastic example of what a solo should sound like in a track.

Pat’s latest track ‘Hey Ooo I A O’ (try typing that with your eyes closed) is available to listen to on the following links below, and whilst you’re there, make sure you check out their other tracks!

Words: James Cane | @DJJAMESCANE

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