Sugarspun Are Telling You To Follow Your Dreams With Brand New Single ‘Spaceman Dreams’



A band that have been hard at work have emerged from the dark, or otherwise known as Cumbria, to bring audiences the best and freshest sounds in indie pop-rock.

Sugarspun are a band that are guaranteed to give you the best sounds  that they can conjure up, and with a loyal and dedicated fan base constantly growing ever since the early days of the acoustic duo that would eventually end up being a fully fledged 5 piece band.

The new single ‘Spaceman Dreams’ will be available to purchase on the 6th April, already has music lovers and listeners begging for more.

So be sure to check them out:






Ben Ridley’s New York Masterpiece (via Brighton)

Having excelled as a classical pianist, Ben Ridley now enters a new chapter in his musical life – that of a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter. Taking inspiration from the likes of Todd Rundgren and Randy Newman, as well as keeping hold of his nuanced, classical training, he has spent years analysing the craft of song-writing. Following on from the success of his debut single, Dancing Mood, and its follow-up, I Always Do, Ben now releases his much-anticipated album, Sing.

Sing is a body of work designed to be experienced as a whole, with Ben showcasing his talent for melody and dedication to intricate arrangements and superior studio skills, to create cinematic snapshots of life, love and regret. Playing every instrument and taking care of all vocal duties, his tracks cover a range of styles, from an 80’s singer-songwriter feel, evoking images of a New York drenched in rain and neon (I Always Do), to the title track which has all the scope of a West End theatre show-stopper.

Based in Brighton, England, Ben has incorporated cinematic style and scope to his music which fits with his vision of a strong narrative running through his work. Having played live at venues such as the fabled Ronnie Scott’s and with a number of well-received classical music only albums under his belt, he is joined on the track by Gerrard – not another artist but in fact his trusty old grand piano.



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Twitter:  BenRidleyMusic