Tuffet Bunnies- ‘Love Songs For Scarlett’ EP

Clem Darling is the musical mind of Tuffet Bunnies and he writes charming, folk-pop songs with an easy listening quality to them.

‘Love Songs for Scarlett’ is a collection of four songs written in dedication to Darling’s girlfriend which (surprisingly) address the joyous feeling of being completely in love with someone.

Whilst Darling’s songs are simple, this is what makes him special as an artist. The strummed guitars in ‘Everything’ are uncomplicated and are joined by a wandering violin lead, yet they allow the honest and sincere lyrics of Darling to take centre stage.

Darling says that the tracks on the EP sound like ‘they’ve been  written by a bunch of gypsies that popped out of the back of a caravan’ which is an intriguing observation that only makes you want to listen to it more!

If you appreciate folk songs driven by simplicity and authenticity, then you should definitely check out the music of Tuffet Bunnies.




Queen’s drummer Roger Taylor hints at new Queen music

Legendary drummer Roger Taylor has hinted at new Queen music in an interview with Planet Rock’s Liz Barnes. Taylor states that it’s “quite possible” the band will record more music with Adam Lambert. Lambert first joined Taylor and guitarist Brian May during American Idol in 2009 and soon went on to the MTV European Music Awards and since have completed several tours together.

Watch Roger Taylor’s interview on Planet Rock here:

Adam Lanceley- ‘Those Rose Tinted Days’

London based singer-songwriter Adam Lanceley has returned with his fifth album, Postcards from Then, which features the summer-vibe fuelled track, ‘Those Rose Tinted Days’.

After being involved in a tragic car crash at the age of ten, Adam was given little hope of survival and was told he would at least never walk again. However, his determination has helped him overcome life’s obstacles and since then has focused his attention towards penning his feelings down through the cathartic medium of songwriting.

Along with his large back catalogue of five albums to his name, Adam has also ran the London marathon for the Brain and Spine Foundation with whom he raises money since his head injury.

Adam favours unusual instrumentation and a spur-of-the-moment song writing ethos that embraces deep emotions in the same way that the delivery of his songs does.

‘Those Rose Tinted Days’ is a powerful, reminiscent anthem driven by sun-drenched guitar riffs and backed up with Adam’s punchy vocal stylings that reflect his honest and considered approach towards music. When it comes to lyrical inspiration, Adam’s mantra ‘as long as it means something to you’ makes itself evident through contemplative topics and cryptic poetics.

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Everything Under expose the truth of reality via new single ‘Team’

With the aim to make the electronic rock genre more accessible to all, Everything Under (EU) are releasing a blend of 80s pop synth and 90s alternative grunge guitar to form their album ‘Where Have The Kids Gone at Night’. EU present their cool perspective on life through poetic lyrics and charming moods of melody in their new single ‘Team’.

In 1998 EU’s front man Mark J. Heidecke sadly lost his sister in a car accident. After years of pondering her loss, Heidecke decided to attend Ex’pression College for Digital Arts where he learnt sound design, music theory and the practice of performance. Using his sound engineering techniques, Heidecke developed his own unique sound but his father’s diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease meant he had to move back to Illinois. However after relocating Mark found Grammy Award winning producer/sound engineer Jeff Lane and drummer Kevin T. Jones, who soon became part of Everything Under.

Through the medium of music the Everything Under expose the truth of reality.

Watch the music video for ‘Team’ here: