Glorious Emotive Anthem From Next Superstar Alternative Metal Band We Are The Catalyst

Featuring guitar textures that are totally unparalleled by nearly every other band of the genre We Are The Catalyst have got a unique sound purely just from the sheer scale of their guitar production. Taking them to a new level though are the immense female vocals that sit on top of the intense low backing. Effortlessly the vocal delivery imparts a great deal of emotion upon the audience, though I feel this track is best appreciated alone. That being said the anthem like sound of it all means that the track would be felt and shown in terms sheer synergy and harmonious movement at any huge rock festival.

With the interesting use of modern synthesis the track has more commercial potential than most current metal bands particular with their female vocals. The catchy backing vocal/speech motifs in the breakdowns keep people on their toes waiting for the next huge explosion of sound and emotion. Staying true to their vision and their name, We Are The Catalyst have created another moving and stunning piece of globally tangible music. Through the medium of music they have been able to create music that people can listen to, relate to and release their stresses and pains.

Fantastically produced, mixed and mastered, the sonic side of this track is nothing short of excellent. With no pumping or artefacts from over distortion the real skill and intelligence of this band is displayed. Especially with guitars and vocals as huge as theirs its incredible that they could fit the punchy drums in.


Adam Lancely review

‘Post cards from then’ from the impressive Adam Lancely features his unique sound. Layered under his free sounding vocals are strong, punchy guitars and thumping drums.

The lead track ‘Wish you Were Here’ builds nicely and gains momentum as the song progresses. Another track featuring on the album is ‘The Dream of Yesterday’ which features a modern mix of electric guitar and harpsichord sounding techno backing. ‘Rose Tinted Days’ is the most pop-rock sounding of all the tracks, with funky melodies is it ear catching and memorable long after hearing it.

Deliberately relying on an old-skool production style and using unconventional instrumentation, his new colourful album ‘Post Cards from Then’ is a must-listen for anyone looking for something a outside of today’s music scene.




Tales from Hard Luck Town

‘Tales from Hard Luck Town’ is an 11 track album with most featuring a story or character relating to ‘Hard Luck Town.’ Despite there being a dark undercurrent, many of the tracks are also upbeat and lighter in tone. The album includes a murder ballad and other themes include homelessness, seeking fulfilment, being sent to prison (‘Hydebank Hotel’), relationships, and drunken antics. The songs have a relatable feel, often being shaped by the band’s life experiences and observations.

As well as featuring on many local radio stations, such as Radio Ulster multiple times, and 6 Music they have also performed live on the only English speaking Radio Station in Ethiopia – Afro FM. They were also flown out to Ethiopia twice at the request of the Irish Embassy to perform at their St Patricks day celebrations. They have also just been booked to do their second tour of Germany.


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Buzz Me from Bebuzee M

The artist has spent over a decade pouring his creative energy into social media, coming up with revolutionary ideas in 2005 that would shape the future of social media. Unfortunately and unintentionally, these ideas were swallowed up by a now very successful social media giant and he was unable to receive credit for these ideas.

Now keen to show his talents as musician as well as a tech innovator, Bebuzee M has released his debut single ‘Buzz Me’

He explains his inspiration behind the song and reason for the theme: ‘I felt like writing a song that shows how we humans behave toward technology products, we are living in a time where social network has become a big part of our lives and keeping in touch with friends and family through social network has become essential.



Don Broco release new single and video ‘Everybody’

Bedford band Don Broco are back with this brand new single ‘Everybody’.

Rob Damiani has described the single like so: “It sounds like Don Broco, but at the same time I don’t think it sounds like anything we’ve ever done before. It’s got elements from Automatic in, it’s got elements from Priorities in and it’s also got a lot of new ideas. It’s just an out and out banger.

Wizardly Versatile Francisco Bayon with His New Single ‘When I Call You’

Francisco Bayon has amassed 20 years of experience as a musician, singer, dancer and producer. His sound champions influences from heavy metal to classical latin, having collected first-hand experience in Cuba studying and performing with local artists. With all his experience he has wasted no time in nurturing his unique craft, achieving an incredibly powerful and high level of artistic integrity. Francisco uses all the instruments that are typical of Caribbean music, such as bongos, congas, timbales, guiro, guira, etc. and takes the instruments out of their original settings bringing a fresh sound to his music.

“When I Call You” came about after an accidental Skype call whilst listening to past productions. This just goes to show the creativity that artists such as Francisco incorporate into their music.

Francisco’s music is a wholesome listening and physical experience making you want to sing, dance and express your emotions. Through this highly energetic and captivating vibe he developed the indentifying phrase “Sing it. Dance it. Feel it.”

To name a few, Francisco has worked with the famous Italian singer Donatella Rettore and the label Universal making a cover of her popular song Splendido Splendente. The salsa/bachata festivals Francisco has taken part in involve various Caribbean artists well known on the Latin scene, such as Joe Veras, Jc, Pedrito Calvo Jr. and many more. He has also worked with Black Diamond studio in Genoa, and various studios in Milan; as for productions, he works with Yannior Farres (pianist for Elito Revé y su Charangón orchestra) and El Trinitario (singer/percussionist of La Maxima 79 orchestra)

Though he has a lot of experience in the Latin/Cuban areas of music, he is far beyond the clichés of the genres, leaning towards the likes of Pitbull, Marc Anthony and Jenifer Lopez.

Francisco is a highly self proficient artist, often nicknamed ‘The Manager’, as he has his own recording studio and arranges his own empowering tracks. Living up to his nickname he likes to be his own boss working almost autonomously. He also isn’t linked to any particular label which gives him more control over his art and leaves labels fighting over him.



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Guitar, drums and bass trio in Neil C Young’s new track

Featuring perfect blends of bass, drums and jazzy guitar melodies, Young has created a real crowd pleasing track. Young’s effortless style draws on fusion players such as John Scofield but also more contemporary bands like Troika. This interesting mix has meant that Jamie Cullum has reccomended him as gig of the week on several occasions.

Young has remained witty and down to earth despite the hype surrounding his music. He is also calm with regards to the possible confusion surrounding his name which he shares one of the most famous songwriters of the last 50 years.

His success has been world wide, which has allowed him to play gigs globally from the UK to South America.

Now focusing on his UK fan base  Young has many upcoming gigs in support of his new material:


Wednesday 20th July- The Blue Piano, Birmingham

Saturday 30thJuly – Cloudspotting Festival, Gisburn

Thursday 11th August – Matt and Phreds, Manchester

Friday 26th August – The Venue, Colne (Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival)

Friday 23rd September – Priory Hall, Lancaster






2nd Release of ‘Lay Low’ from The Turner Brothers

The turner Brothers re-release their debut single ‘Lay Low’.

After their success of their recent European anthem ‘Build us a Dream’ The Turner Brothers are releasing a sunny summery new track.

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It is undeniable that their first hit ‘Build us a Dream’ was an amusing piece, this track is taking the brothers on a very serious musical journey proved by the fact that they have been voted ‘Crowds Favourite Band’ for two years in a row at Hogsozzle. They are set to join Annie Mac and The Manic Street preachers at this years Victorious Festival.

‘Lay Low’ features a fantastic summery chorus boasting nice and relaxed horns and a silky jazz organ, perfect for dominating radio charts and winning the hearts of audiences nationwide.

New single ‘Take Control’ will be released in September on Prank Monkey Records, the label that brought you Younghusband.

Upcoming gigs:

9th July- Bures Music Festival, Suffolk

27th/28th August- Victorious Festival, Portsmouth


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