It’s ‘Good News’ for Dr Jerry Brown & Deborah Brown with New Release

Tracks released through own label Purpose Driven Records


Supported by Gus Redmond of Music Quest Entertainment, who work with some of the finest independent musicians to get their music heard, Deborah Brown is a superb gospel vocalist with an eye for a melody. With the help of her husband Dr Jerry Brown she is releasing ‘Good News’ on January 12th.

Engineered and mastered by Erick Labson of the Universal Music Group, with production help from Jimmy Brown of Raleigh North Carolina Production, the tracks do a great job of showcasing Deborah Brown’s excellent vocal range – you can hear a taster here:

Listen to ‘Good News’ here: 

Inspired by a life of hardship and the faith that it took to move through it to ultimate fulfilment, the music is written to do the same for those who hear it and are suffering through hard times of their own.

The songs has been a long time coming, based on life experiences and what it took to overcome them. After finding love in the deprived Bronx projects of New York, travelling the world in the army and then forming their own ministry, Jerry & Deborah Brown are now celebrating their life together in music and in film. This track is taken from the soundtrack to a full length film about their lives together, a story they hope will inspire others to keep the faith when times are tough.

Both Dr Jerry Brown and Deborah Brown were recently featured on The Don Frost Music City Gospel Show and are set to be featured again before the end of the year.


Legendary Bollywood vocalist Kumar Sanu returns to UK with single ‘Rangleni’

Track, produced by another member of Bollywood royalty, Pyarelal Ji, released 24.11.14


Following the release of his first album in the UK, ‘Hum Tum’, Indian singer and Bollywood legend Kumar Sanu is back with new single ‘Rangleni’.

An accessible, light Indian classical song based on traditional ragas, the song also has a huge crossover appeal for Western audiences – full of sweeping orchestration and drama similar in sound to some of the most iconic Bond themes.

The sing is released in partnership with long-time collaborator – and another household name in the world of Bollywood – Pyarelal Ji. Working as producer, he brings to the track immense experience having composed music for about 635 Hindi movies from 1963 to 1998. Impressively, 14 of the “100 Greatest Bollywood Soundtracks” compiled by Planet Bollywood were written by Pyarelal and his writing partner Laxmikant Shantaram Kudalkar – it’s little wonder that ‘Rangleni’ has such a cinematic touch.

Vocalist and songwriter Kumar Sanu is no stranger to success. A living legend who has performed over 20,000 songs in more than 24 languages for Bollywood movies, he has won an unprecedented collection of awards including the Filmfare Award for the Best Playback Singer in 1990, ‘91,’92, ‘93 and ’94 – a consecutive record that still stands in the Bollywood industry to this day.

With additional charity work that includes Tsunami Victims Support, Cancer Research donations and school & orphanage development programmes, Kumar Sanu was recognised by the Indian government in 2009 when he was awarded the Padma Shri award – the 4th largest civilian award it is possible to receive from the Government in India.

With all this behind him, Sanu is making no plans to slow down – single Rangleni is coming soon.

Upcoming dates:

London Hammersmith Apollo – November 22nd

kINKY dOVE – Set to Take Off!


Meet kINKY dOVE – an exciting rock n’ roll set from London and Australia.

Made up of Scott Wade, Damian ‘Virgil’ Ward, Sulene Fleming and Adam Falkner. None of these are strangers to the spotlight, with Damian’s previous band V-Capri achieving recognisable success in his home city of Perth, with 6 top-10 singles, and a no. 77 on the UK charts, and Scott recently rubbing shoulders with Ed Milliband at a garden party in London. London-based singer and writer Sulene has toured all over the UK and Europe with bands such as The New Mastersounds and The Fantastics! Sulene has also featured on dance tracks released by Freestyle Records and the Ministry of Sound. Adam has been in One eskimO for many years, as well as recording with kINKY dOVE, and he is the drummer of choice for Dido, Pete Doherty and Amy Macdonald – to name a few.

The album, kINKY dOVE – Vol 1, is made up of a diverse collection of tracks that are simmering with synthesizers and soaring vocals from Sulene, with more sultry post-rock vocals contributed by Scott, and complimented by the catchy guitar riffs from Damian. Renowned producers Chris Kimsey and Phill Brown have played a part in the sound of kINKY dOVE.

Having already gigged at the Bedford venue in London, which has played host to many other now-famous acts, kINKY dOVE are looking to expand their audience, and it certainly won’t be difficult. In just a week they managed to gain over 500 plays on a dance remix version of their song ‘A Great Ride’ – which you can listen too here:

The song depicts a nice break-up, unlike most songs of tortured emotion, this song (a duet) speaks of a couple still expressing love for each other, without the sexual desire. It shows how break-ups don’t always have to be acid if the journey was ‘A Great Ride’.

For another dance remix of one of kINKY dOVE’s tracks, along the lines of trance, try this puppy on Youtube…..

It’s Called Heartache – (Sky Adams RMX)

Or on Soundcloud

Click here for the music video to their song ‘No Correlation’ – which was filmed when they performed at The Bedford:

A classic track from the album is ‘Judgement Day. This song is about being judged for who we are and what we look like, which society starts doing to us all from the day we are born. It is also about the absurdity of drugs being criminalised, and how society does not have the guts to change the law, which, of all possible legal changes, would have the effect of taking so much crime out of our lives. The day that our politicians are brave enough to show proper leadership and courage on this matter will also be Judgement Day.

Other songs tackle issues like depression (On Your Own), unrequited love (Lust We Must) as well as ‘Fly Me Away’ – a dance track that dares to dream about everyone from everywhere coming together and dancing in unity.

The album was released on 15th October 2014, and is available to download now on all retailers!

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Is Mark Ruebery the Next Big Thing?

Mark Ruebery 3

Usually, when people find sudden fame as a musician, the artist in question is the first to know about it. However, this was not the case for Welshman Mark Ruebery – he is an internet sensation in Indonesia, and even has his very own tribute video. Aside from that, he also has an impressive face-base made up from people all over the world.

Mark is currently living in Newport, but has recently travelled around the world on various different cruise ships, driving all the women crazy. Seriously, Mark has had ladies shamelessly flirting in front him their husbands, women passing numbers to him on napkins, a love letter from an Austrian woman, and girls comparing him to both John Lennon and a young Mick Jagger.

The album title is ‘One Night, One Chance’. Mark describes it as a moment of self realisation, pushing your own boundaries and giving up security. The inspiration came from the ending of a rocky relationship, and the sudden realisation that he could do much more than the job that he had been doing for years. It gave him a new lease of life, a positive outlook and something new to strive for. The music on the album portrays an upbeat approach to taking risks in life. In the same week his relationship ended, he quit his job, and so began the steady climb to where he is now.

The first single off the album, ‘Her Smile’, is a feel good, jazzy number, which is about momentarily being consumed by a moment shared with the one you love. Spattered with jazz piano, swinging brass and complimented by his smooth vocals – it’s impossible to keep your toes from tapping when listening to this track!

‘Her Smile’ is due for release on the 19th January, and ‘One Night, One Chance’ is due for release on February 2nd. The video will be out late November but if you can’t wait, listen to the new single here:

It’s no surprise that Mark is about to break the music industry, he has plenty of experience! From playing guitar for Ronan Keating and Charlotte Church, to Dan Hawkins from the Darkness describing his songs as “great, uplifting tracks”, Mark has an extensive list of celebrities and producers backing his music. Nick Brine (who has worked with Oasis and The Darkness) produced his first album, he performed with the John Barrowman Band on BBC Children In Need, and Nick Raymond (who signed Take That) came to watch one of his gigs after hearing him play on Granada television:

“Your song writing is world class” – Nick Raymond (BMG / RCA Music)

“I really liked what I heard” – Muff Winwood (ex snr VP, A&R Sony Music UK).

“Mark has a really great voice”- Jeff Smith (BBC Radio 2 Head of Music)

Here are just a couple of some of the excellent reviews that Mark received for his previous album:

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80s pioneers Visage play their hits as you’ve never heard them before

Founders of the New Romantic movement in the 1980s, Visage, fronted by the enigmatic Steve Strange, were one of a number of bands who grew to prominence at London’s notorious Blitz Club – known as ‘the cradle of the New Romantic movement’.

Visage Correct Art Work

Following a long hiatus, ended last year by their first album in almost 30 years, Visage are back once again with a new album this winter. A spin on the traditional ‘Greatest Hits’ album, the new LP ‘Orchestral’ sees the band performing new versions of their most loved songs backed by the likes of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, the Czech Synthosynphonica Orchestra and others.

The incredible new arrangements, adding in layers of strings, woodwind, brass and percussion to give these great tracks a fresh spin, include a 7 minute orchestral version of breakthrough hit ‘Fade To Grey’ set to be the lead single.

The idea for the album was inspired by an invitation to play alongside Czech Synthosynphonica Orchestra to close the World Ski Jumping Championships in March 2014. The success of that show and the new sound they created led Steve Strange and the rest of the band to pursue it further. The result is the album ‘Orchestral’ – set for release this winter.

‘Orchestral follows the success of the 4th Visage album, ‘Hearts & Knives’, released in 2013. Following five singles from the album, the band has soared back into the public consciousness with gigs around the world, taking their sound out of the studio and onto the stage for the first time. Reaction to their live show has been phenomenal, and the band have no plans to stop what they’ve started.

And with work now beginning on a follow up album of original songs, ‘Orchestral’ is a chance to first look back on some of Visage’s greatest tracks as you’ve never heard them before.


Delhi Trio, Ioish Release ‘Bad Things For None’

Ioish are the Delhi-based trio, made up of Vaibhav Bhutani, who initially started the band as a studio project before meeting  Abhinav Chaudhary and Anshul Iall who convinced him to start playing live. Working separately on a variety of different music projects for over seven years, after meeting each other over Soundcloud, they have finally decided to write and produce music together after playing together for a year. The EP is mostly self produced, and features the renowned Abhishek Bhatia and Arsh Sharma of the ‘Circus’ on some of the vocals.


‘Bad Things For None’ is an instrumental track, with crashing guitar riffs that evoke and trigger hopeful emotions – it was written with Vaibhav in mind, when he was going through a rough time and was about to leave the music business.

They have played at the prestigious Shiva Squad Festival in Manali, India, and also opened for Tides From Nebula on their India tour at their New Delhi show. Vaibhav has spent many years working primarily as a sound engineer and a music producer – hence why most of the EP is self produced. Abhinav practises architecture on the side, and Anshul runs a bus-body-making factory in Delhi. They have previously played with other bands, such as The Circus, Higher Conscience, Fuzzculture and Mosko, and are continuing to gig as much as possible and expand their ever-growing fan-base.

“Ioish is a mix of Indian tinged beats with weird off-time jazzy feel trippyness that is going to develop into something for sure… watch out!” – Martin Atkins

The track ‘Bad Things For None’ begins with a pensive vibe, with a dark resonating base, which is designed to embolden the listener. It provides a haunting listening experience for the audience. It is due for release on November 28th.

 You can watch the sultry video for ‘Bad Things For None’


Ioish on Hit 95 fm, New Delhi India,

Soundcloud Weekly podcast, Honourable mention

‘Save a Prayer’ for the Moses Project!



Residing between Southampton and Sardinia, duo and childhood best friends Kiki and Sergio have reunited after twenty years, to begin work on the Moses Project.

Despite both having very different music influences, Kiki and Sergio both share a passion for performance. Kiki moved from Sardinia to the UK when he was 24, in the pursuit of working as a professional singer. Sergio stayed in Sardinia to work on his music there, touring and recording all around the Island. Their recent collaboration has resulted in the combination of two very different artists and genres, creating an exciting and exhilarating fusion of sound in the form of the Moses Project.

Watch the video here:

Both Kiki and Sergio have certainly managed to attract a lot of attention from people from all areas of the music industry. Kiki open a charity that was sponsored by the “Artful Dodger”, whilst they’re performing all over the UK. Drawing on influences such as Stevie Wonder, John Legend and Luther Vandross, Kiki has an amazing vocal range and an incredibly soulful voice. He was part of a R&B group called ‘3 Flow’, who were based in Manchester, and has also performed on UK television for the Michael Barrymore show.

Sergio has had much success with his band ‘Tamurita’. He took part in different TV show, festivals, concert with the band Tamurita, open shows for major group like Gogol Bordello & Ska P among others.

Tamurita won the 1st place to support the Italian Oxfam Charity.  The band released their third album in 2012.

The highly anticipated collaboration between both Sergio and Kiki has been a long time coming, and it certainly does not disappoint!

The long awaited ‘Save A Prayer’ is due for release soon, make sure you grab your copy!

Moses Project Twitter

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Moses Project Instagram

Tamurita Reverbnation

Sergio Piras

Tamurita YouTube Channel

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Kiki Fanpage


Kiki Website

Alan Mair, Bassist of ‘The Only Ones’ Releases Debut Solo Single ‘Four Winds’

Alan Mair four winds

He’s a rock-star, whose had support from the likes of ‘U2’ and ‘Simply Minds’, and has also supported ‘The Who’, on their USA tour, the ‘White Stripes’ and ‘Primal Scream’ with ‘The Only Ones’, of which he co-produced the first two albums. He’s played at Glastonbury, 02 Wireless Festival and CBGB’s New York – to name a few. His first band ‘The Beatstalkers’ were the first Scottish Boyband who set the female hearts of Scotland in to overdrive when they caused a riot on 1965 in Glasgow’s George Square.

Alan Mair has been writing songs for many years, and witnessing the current accessibility to worldwide digital distribution of music, and the ability to keep control of it, he has decided to finally release them.

Alan’s first band ‘The Beatstalkers’, used to work with David Bowie in his early years as a song-writer, and during that time they became good friends. On one occasion at his boot shop in Kensington market Alan gave David a pair of boots he couldn’t afford and had his shop manager Freddy Mercury fit them for him.

Watch this link for a video of Alan with ‘The Only Ones’- who have influenced the likes of The Replacements, Nirvana, The Libertines and Blur – performing live on Jools Holland:

and their iconic “Another Girl Another Planet

Alan’s debut solo single ‘Four Winds’ is due for release on the 15th December. The track itself is an eclectic blend of alternative rock with resonating vocals.  However, if you can’t wait until December, take a listen to it here:  –  –