NYC’s, Dream Logic New Album – Free Single Download Available Now*


New York trio The Dream Logic announce breakout sophomore album “My Black Arts’ Free Download of single “Drunken Monkey” here

Dynamic and unpredictable, The Dream Logic are a trio who deal in impactful funk rock music with several left-field twists. Experienced musicians with eclectic influences, they are a group who keep the audience guessing with some masterful bending of genre.

With added elements of rootsy modern soul, this band is happiest working across styles with influences ranging from country tropes to subtle jazz moments. What every track has in common though, is assured quality.

A ‘band’ of three friends who have gigged together over the years and only recently decided to record together, the trio are now celebrating the release of their rocking second album ‘My Black Arts’.

With songs written over a long period by primary songwriter Charles Compo (guitar, vocals, flute) and developed with long time partners Jerry Brooks (bass guitar) and Camille Gainer Jones (drums), this is their second LP – a follow up to last year’s self-titled debut. Both albums have been the result of organic music making between three skilled musicians who enjoy playing and writing together, but for the new LP the group were joined in the studio by additional guitarists Eric Krasno (Soulive, Lettuce) and Vernon Reid (Living Colour) – a classy pair of players who also laid down their own contribution.

This result second album of 14 genre splicing songs of top quality. For a taster of ‘My Black Arts’, check out funky album track ‘Drunken Monkey’:

The album as a whole is described by the band as ‘the story of the secret life around us’, those intangible moments in life when you know things are happening around you but you can’t put your finger on what, how or why. Recorded in New York’s prestigious ‘The Cutting Room’ studio, the new album echoes the raw talent on show for the band’s 2013 debut, developing the sound further and placing the experienced musicians on a more assured footing than ever.

Between the members of the band, there is a lot of stage and recording experience, having played and toured with the likes of D’Angelo, Joan Jett, Christina Aguilera, Les Nubians and many others. And, if there is anything approaching a ‘mission statement’ for the band, it’s that they want to distil all that experience down into songs that are simple, but effective. Perhaps the band put it best themselves:

“You know how you go someplace like a restaurant or someone’s house and they serve you food that is so simple, you had it a million times before, but somehow it’s just perfect.  That’s what we are going for.” – The Dream Logic

‘My Black Arts’ is out now through Chaos Music Company.



Witchingseason unleash new single ‘Spiders’, August 1st

Follow up single, Codeine, to be released October 1st


Witchingseason are a talented, energetic rock trio who are releasing their EP on November 10th. Receiving rave reviews nationwide, Phoenix FM host, Scott Sparx, commented that he was “blown away by their music!… and couldn’t wait to share them”.

Their first release, ‘Spiders’, showcases the bands typical rock style with a sound not for the faint hearted. Drenched in heavy guitar riffs and riotous drums, the coarse, melodic vocals are layered over the top to create a track that any rock fan can chant along to.

Officially released in July, you can catch the track early on Soundcloud:

Drawing influences from rock royalty, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Queens of the Stoneage and Dinosaur Jr – to name but a few – Witchingseason have garnered considerable experience and enthusiasm for rock from watching these artists’ successes and innovations. Witchingseason also got to take steps in their favourite bands shoes when they played at the 100 Club in Oxford Street, London. They have also supported Japanese Fighting Fish and Droppers Neck.

A personal highlight for the band was meeting Alain Johannes (Them Crooked Vultures, Queens of the Stoneage, Chris Cornell) before one of his shows, and he was nice enough to give them advice and ended up talking to them for hours – even buying them a few beers!

The pursuit of a music career was not always a definite one as guitarist Tom Reynolds, at the age of 6, was told he would never be able to play an instrument after being diagnosed with dyslexia. Determined to overcome this, he got his first guitar in his early teens but didn’t take it seriously until he was 15. With encouragement from others, he began to learn a few punk and blues tracks and joined a Pearl Jam cover band playing in pubs and clubs all over London and Kent. A chance encounter at Tom’s 21st birthday party gave him the encouragement to start writing his own material and Witchingseason was born.

The bands perseverance has certainly paid off as we eagerly await the new EP due for release November 10th.

Witching Season:

Tom Reynolds – Guitars / Vocals

James R Willans – Bass
Wayne Summers – Drums







Rock band SKYSCRAPER release long awaited debut Album

English and Norwegian melodic rockers SKYSCRAPER will release their long awaited debut album, ‘Elevation‘, on September 8th worldwide via Ghost Dancer Music/Cargo Records. This dynamic band has been taking critics by storm with their unique brand of hard rock.

SKYSCRAPER‘s powerful and melodious performance is a fresh take on a breed of music that’s been the foundations of rock ‘n’ roll for years. With much experience between them, it’s easy to see why the album- which has been two years in the making- is of such a high standard, from the flawless vocals to the instrumental perfection.

Dave Boyce (Bass) couldn’t be more excited about the bands future – ‘We loved making the album and we can’t wait to get SKYSCRAPER out into the live arena and see what the fans think. We know it’s going to be one hell of a party once we hit the road”.

Lee Small: “It’s been a great journey so far and we’ve had some amazing reaction from industry people which means a lot“.

Tor Talle: “We also have to thank producer Martin Kronlund for helping us put the album together and introducing us to Swedish session drummer Imre Daun, who will be joining us live. He brought great energy and style to the album“.


Lee Small (Vocals) who was the voice on the last Shy album. He hails from the Black Country and with his evocative and powerful vocals he has been compared to many well-known frontmen who come from the same area, including Glenn Hughes and Robert Plant.

Dave Boyce (Bass) who is the former bass player for Airrace and The Quireboys.

Tor Talle (Guitars). Tor is a renowned Norwegian guitarist, best known for his work with Joe Lynn Turner (Deep Purple, Rainbow) Fergie Frederiksen (Toto), Northern Light, Overland and Rob Moratti (Saga).

Guest Musicians:

Imre Daun – Drums (Salute)

Bruce Gaitsch – Acoustic guitars (Madonna, Richard Marx, Chicago)

Produced by Martin Kronlund, Dave Boyce, Lee Small and Tor Talle

In some quarters SKYSCRAPER has been compared to Hughes/Thrall, and Bad English, which sees the band in esteemed company as they release this captivating debut album.

Track Listing:

01. Sail Away

02. Monday Morning

03. Fay Wray

04. Barricades

05. Everybody Cries Sometimes

06. Walk Through 07. Fire

08. Runaway Heart

09. Skyscrapers

10. Through Eyes Of Liberty

11. Sky Is Turning Blue

12. Playing With Fire

13. Sweet Little Sister

Bonus Tracks:

14. Where Love Is Waiting

15. Runaway Hearts (Acoustic)

AOR Magazine “…a project with impressive pedigree.”

Malcolm Dome (Classic Rock / Metal Hammer) “Melodic hard rock never gets dated. This album (Elevation) is a fine example of exactly why the genre remains as vibrant as ever. It’s classy, creative, instantly catches your attention, and gets better with every play. This is a modern masterpiece that should be acclaimed alongside the great debuts of the past“.


Solar Halo’s goes in with a split EP


Solar Halos will release a split EP with Irata. The 10″ isn’t out on Devouter Records, but we are still supporting the release and Solar Halos.

Being practically neighbours in North Carolina, and both eager to show their outstanding progress in such a short space of time it seemed only natural for Irata and Solar Halos to join forces with CrimsonEye Records and create one of the most exciting splits of 2014. Knowing this to be the ideal time for the two bands to collaborate, CrimsonEye Records are eager not just for NC, but for everyone to fix their ears on this new fantastic blend.

Phillip Cope of Kylesa helped to produce Iratas’ track, while Kris Hilbert of Legitimate Business worked on Solar Halos’. Both songs have been combed through with expert precision, with every single note bringing that much more weight to the unforgettable song. Not only this, but the invincible musician/producer James Plotkin masters it so when it hits your ears, it explodes with intense volume.

With a magnetic sound as imposing and radiant as their celestial namesake, the trio from Chapel Hill, North California named SOLAR HALOS provide a kaleidoscope of textures and enterprise which ignites the imagination. Solar Halos is the portrait of the united invention of former Horseback and Curtains of Night guitarist/vocalist NORA ROGERS, Fin Fang Foom bassist EDDIE SANCHEZ, and drummer JOHN CROUCH of Horseback and Caltrop. The threesome draw on previous experiences to cast fresh new evocative explorations; With a uniquely expressive psychedelic tone, Doom bred shadows also join the coaxing beneath the eerie tones of Rogers, with her charmed guitar narratives that feed the senses alongside the vast rhythms of Crouch and the bass engraving of Sanchez, the three join together to create something immersive and enchanting.

The Debut release “Demos” in 2012 were an instant success, with Metal Hammer (UK) calling it a ‘Thunderous and Soulful yet equally dark and narcotic Heavy Psych’, it made a real impression. This response created a potent base with which the band evolved leading into their Devouter Records released selftitled album at the beginning of this year which was also an immediate sensation, becoming a magnet for fans and the critical media, and described as ‘one of the first great adventures of 2014’. Discography:

2012 Demos

2014 s/t LP/CD on Devouter Records

2014 split 10″ on Crimson Eye Records

Pete RingMaster

Label owner Brian Mitchell sums up the magnitude of Irata with the description of them dwelling ‘in the world where drone, post rock, and metal unite into a giant monster…’ The razor sharp guitar riffs layered over top heavy, brooding grooves and faultless technical precision are all part of this trio’s extraordinary repertoire. One of the things that makes this three-piece band so unique is the unlikely amalgamation of musicians from such different backgrounds; Despite the varying upbringings, they all have the same mindset, each being completely unconcerned with music trends, or really anything other than making skull crushing music. Jon Case has a monstrous bass tone that descends into hypnotic rhythms. Whilst Jason Ward’s drumming is done with outstanding precision and energy, the guitar playing by Cheryl Hall is aggressive and shamelessly punishes the rhythm section with sweltering dynamics and muscular riffs. If this musical assembly wasn’t enough, there are exceptional vocals provided by Case and Ward which have a way of punching you in the stomach and leaving you short of breath.

Irata’s 2012 EP release ‘Vultures’ has been an unexpected pandemic, quietly and systematically assaulting the eastern United States. Mike Wood at Fox Digitalis describes it as ‘…a perfect EP. It gets in and out fast, but uses its time wisely…’ Their newest release will be released in mid 2014 on Crimson Eye Records. A single on 10” vinyl split; sharing the medium are Chapel Hill giants Solar Halos.


2010 SelfTitled

LP/CD on Silber Records

2012 Vultures EP/CD/vinyl on pig08pig Records

2014 10” split on Crimson Eye Records

DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS ALBUM! This is without a doubt one of the best stoner metal splits of 2014, equipped with all of the qualities needed to be a successful and impressionable. It will be an unforgettable audio experience and one you won’t be able to get out of your head. This album is fresh and exciting and has the power to stay on the turntables for the rest of the year.


Solar Halos will release a split EP with Irata. The 10″ isn’t out on Devouter Records, but we are still supporting the release and Solar Halos.


Here is a Soundcloud link to listen to the album:

Contact Crimson Eye for the album:

Singer-Songwriter Jessie Lowes looks to the ‘Stars’ with new single



Emotional single begins the run up to a debut album release

Available from September 22nd, ‘Stars’ is the new single from acoustic singer-songwriter Jessie Lowes. Based in Northumberland and specialising in a delicate mix of clear vocal and guitar picking, Lowes is a songwriter not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve when it comes to her music. The single ‘Stars’ was written for her mother who passed away in 2008 from Cancer, and the song is a tribute to their close relationship:

It’s hard to believe that a song this delicate is the work of an ex-cage fighter and club level rugby player – the light touch and subtleties of her music covering a tougher background than most, a childhood that music played a huge part in.

It comes as little surprise to learn that Jessie grew up around music, often using it as an escape. Her Uncle Tony Raine was a famous jazz pianist working with the likes of Louis Armstrong, Julian Slade, Judy Garland and Diana Ross, and had his own TV show in the 60s called MusicBox. And it is from this solid pedigree that Lowes’ musical pedigree was borne.

And now, with further singles and an album due before the end of this year, Jessie Lowes is set to take her love affair with music to the next level.

‘Stars’ will be available from September 22nd.


Can you smell that Burning noise?

A crazy tune that harks back to the hippy era with a nonsensical look into self discovery and revolution. This track from ‘flies on you’, is all about the development of the times from the riots of the thatcher years, through to the hippy revolution and straight on to the present day of post modern  rock.

They want to create a new sound and seemed to have done a pretty good job of it!


Take a listen and tell us what you think of it in the comments. We look forward to hearing from you.


Also check out the band on the internet too:




Caught in the Street, by Warner Music Group




A Cambridge Busker releases new single after catching the attention of Warner Music Group.

Having found love from his art form and huge success on the independent music scene; perforating at venues such as Rivolli Rooms and the Twinwood Festival. Si is now looking to emphasise on his past experience performing live to passers by on the street, by partnering with the Warner Music Record label.

Some of the more recent events were appearing on Terry Wogans Show during a live session and featuring the Radio 2’s Playlist.

His vintage sound has seen him rise to the pseudonym, ‘King of all things vintage’ and has brought him a great deal of success on the street of Cambridge so far.  The latest single is called ‘Caught in the Moonlight’ and has a sweet and smooth sound. His lyrics roll off the tongue and give you that summer festival feeling. Clap your hands and enjoy this brilliant summer song!

Tell us what you think of Caught in the Moonlight in the Comments. Also if you get a chance share this video with your friends and family, to brighten up their summer holidays.

The Mcooleys invite you to share their ‘Empty Blue Skies’

Brand new EP out now

The Mcooleys are a British born but Mallorca based trio inspired by the bands of the 60s and 70s, their music characterised by percussively strummed guitars and energetic writing. Given a contemporary twist by the members’ flair for performance and writing style the EP is out now.

For a taste of their impactful style, complete with distinctive vocals from Adam Booley, check out their track ‘What Happened Tonight’:




Formed by brothers Adam Booley (Vocal,lead guitar) and Matthew Booley (2nd vocals, drums) with best friend Jake McCann (Bass guitar), the trio are quickly building a local reputation by gigging around the island of Mallorca.

A guitar based group with their very own swagger and style, they are hoping to take their music to a wider audience with ‘Empty Blue Skies’ – starting with the full UK release of the EP.

‘Empty Blue Skies’ is available now from online stores.




Vali Ohm shines the spotlight on our ‘Fragile Earth’ with 2nd album

Environmental issues inspire new LP and awareness raising promotional event on July 18th

An Essex based singer-songwriter who writes with a mainstream British indie music feel, Vali Ohm is an experienced musician who has been playing and writing since before one of his earlier bands supported Oasis before their big Brit-pop era breakthrough in 1993.

More recently, in the run up to the release of his second album, Ohm has found himself studying environmental groups such as Friends of the Earth, The Wildlife Trust, Sea Shepherd, Animals Asia, UK Honey Bee Conservation Society and Greenpeace – all of which have served as inspiration for his latest, environmentally minded album ‘Fragile Earth’.Vali Ohm Cover FE

His second solo album, every track is based around environmental or animal welfare issues which Vali Ohm has found close to his heart. And it is not only in his lyrics that he is hoping to draw attention to the cause.

In an album release event on the 18 July, Ohm will be releasing promo copies of the album into the sky attached to helium balloons from outside the Head office of Greenpeace at Canonbury Villas, London and then onto Sony Music Head Office in Derry Street. Joined on the day by members of The Wildlife Trust, Sea Shepherd, Animals Asia, UK Honey Bee Conservation Society, Friends Of The Earth and Greenpeace, the day is designed to draw attention to the album and the issues that lie within.

The album is arguably some of Vali Ohm’s finest work and sees him at his most confident as a songwriter. Working with Frank Arkwright (Blur, Oasis, The Smiths, Joy Division, Snow Patrol, Primal Scream) in Abbey Road Studios last year, the big name producer compared his music to the likes of Coldplay and Manic Street Preachers – fine company for any aspiring songwriter.



The Fireflies burn bright with self-titled debut EP

London duo’s six track release set for late July

After a chance shuffling of desks in an Old Street office, Harry and Luca formed The Fireflies. They release their glittering debut EP in late July.

The Fireflies


Having cast off suit, boot and tie for a career in the music industry, Harry (vocals, guitar) and Luca (guitar) are busy building their fast growing fan-base. They have already flown high with top quality recordings, a gig at the 2014 Trinity Cambridge May Ball and busking to huge crowds on London’s South Bank.

Voice, woven guitars and poetic lyrics are the trademark of The Fireflies’ debut six track album. Check out their first release, ‘Silver Leaflets’ :

Writing and performing is in The Fireflies’ DNA. Nephew of legendary actor Daniel Day-Lewis, Harry turned heads of record execs from Universal Music after an impromptu cover of ‘Superstition’ with The Noisettes at his uncle’s film premiere after party. He then opened for The Sugababes, and performed solo at the Montreux Jazz Festival with Oxford’s Big Band. Harry’s former harmonies group were crowned world runners up at ICCA (collegiate A Cappella), to a packed Lincoln Centre in New York, with his rendition of Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’. Following that, the group sold out three runs of The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Already flying high, The Fireflies’ path is set to burn bright with the release of their new EP at the end of the month.


Future headline gigs:

The Troubadour on 24 July

The Bedford on 14 August

Clare Island Seafood Festival in Ireland on 22 August

Barfly Camden on 10 October