The Brink release their latest single ‘Fairytale’

Following swiftly on from their recent single ‘One Night Only’, The Brink release their new song ‘Fairytale’ on January 20th, 2014. After its sliding rock n’ roll blues inspired predecessor, ‘Fairytale’ is much more gritty, and epitomises everything that rock represents.

Hailing from Cambridge, Wisbech and even as far afield as Sheffield, The Brink have been working their way up the metaphorical musical ladder to play in-demand headline slots in London, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield and Nottingham whilst also promoting their popular previous two EPs. Taking influence from both modern and classic bands such as Bon Jovi, All American Rejects and Aerosmith, The Brink have mastered a fresh vibrant rock and roll sound.

With recommendations from pop sensation Will Young and rock and roll legends Thin Lizzy, The Brink are set for an extremely bright future. Knocking out ballsy, head-banging rock ballads-perhaps better suited to a stadium and accompanied by bright lights and a healthy dose of pyrotechnics- they’ve certainly built themselves a hearty fan-base on both a local and national level. They’ve even had a local driving school named after them (Brink Driving School), and have taught a “Rock School” at a local high school. They’ve even had their tracks played as entrance music for professional fighters. If THAT’s not rock and roll, I don’t know what is!

Their newest single ‘Fairytale’ can only be described as a classic rock anthem, with raspy soaring vocals, intricate harmonies and rock riffs designed to make even the most uncoordinated get up and dance. The Brink are bringing back the much-needed sound of refined rock music, and this single portrays this magnificently, guaranteed to get your head banging and your toes tapping within the first few seconds! ‘Fairytale’ is due for release on January 20th 2014.

Guitar Sensation ‘Daryl Kellie’ to Release New Album ‘Wintersong’

Daryl Kellie Press release FINAl-page-001

To find your first guitar at the young age of eleven in the attic of your parent’s new house is a lucky find, but for Daryl Kellie, it can only be described as fate. Self taught for most of his life, he is undeniably one of the most talented fingerstyle guitar players in the UK, with influences ranging from Queen to Django Reinhardt. Daryl has combined his unique talent with his mesmerising vocals, and he will be releasing his highly anticipated album ‘Wintersong’ on 10th February 2014.

By the age of sixteen, Daryl was gigging every weekend, with his younger brother Nick on drums. He moved to London when he was nineteen to study music, and hasn’t looked back. Living in his van, with a bed, camp-stove and of course, a guitar in the back, this was when he really started to develop as an artist. He was even taught by Jazz guitar legend Martin Taylor. Despite attracting lots of attention from music managers, Daryl decided to remain completely independent and release his own music without the help of a label. Daryl’s message to others who may be in this predicament is “figure out what you really love and concentrate on that, if you try to do something else, your heart won’t be in it”. His ever-growing fan-base means he can also tour without the involvement of big promoters.

Daryl has toured constantly for the past 2 years and supported a massive range of acts, from Toploader to Carl Palmer of Emmerson Lake and Palmer fame, plus notorious American blogger Perez Hilton has also raved about him….”So clever! So good! And, the fact that he’s gorgeous doesn’t hurt either!”.

Here are just a couple of the many outstanding reviews he has received:

‘Daryl Kellie is a brilliant and exciting new musical talent’

– Richard Chapman, (Author of the million selling classic ‘The Complete Guitarist and ‘The New Complete Guitarist’)

‘To call Daryl a guitarist would be a bit of an over simplification. A million miles away from that guy who used to walk around college twanging his way through Green Day covers to anyone who’d listen, Daryl treats his guitar like a mix between a drum kit, a keyboard and a guitar. Utilizing an oft attempted (but rarely mastered) ‘tapping’ technique along with ‘body percussion’ as employed by fellow guitarists such as Eric Roche and Tommy Emanuel, Daryl dropped jaws with his cheeky cover of Beyonce’s omnipresent ‘Single Ladies’ and literally melted minds with an extended Michael Jackson medley. Anything that makes hearing ‘Single Ladies’ for the billionth time a little less ear-stabbingly repetitive deserves the highest praise imaginable.

–Sternberg Clarke

If you can’t wait to hear the album, Daryl is releasing a cover of the Beyonce hit ‘Single Ladies’ on December 16th.

Have a listen:

Or watch a live session:

He will also be releasing his own single ‘Would’ on January 20th 2014!


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Video: Mode Moderne – ‘She, Untamed’


Last week Canadian new-wave band Mode Moderne announced the forthcoming release of their second album ‘Occult Delight’, with an exclusive stream of the album’s first single “She, Untamed” appearing exclusively on Noisy (US).

Now Mode Moderne have releasesd the video to “She, Untamed”, teased out with a joint premiere on Noisy (Germany)… “We only needed about 10 seconds to make our minds up that this is a cool song”. – Noisy and Clash (UK)…”Mode Moderne are another outfit to chalk up beside your own favourites from north of the (stateside) border.” – Clash.

Luke Friend: X Factor 2013 hopeful & TeenStar 2013 Winner admits “I just don’t use shampoo”

Luke Friend17 year old teen star Luke Friend has hit the headlines again – in ITV’s The X Factor! The X Factor judging panel praised the star, including Sharon Osbourne saying “Luke I am crazy about you! You are quite fabulous.”


West Country boy Luke Friend has just come off the back of being crowned the winner of the singing competition TeenStar, the nationwide competition for teens and pre-teens. The TeenStar singing competition’s Grand Final took place within The O2 in London and gave acts the chance to play in front of a massive crowd and music industry judging panel. Here, Luke tells us about himself in his own words….


To kick things off, can you give us a funny fact about Luke Friend?

I’m an unintentional comedian and I haven’t washed my hair for quite a long time (I just don’t use shampoo, because I don’t feel the need to)


Describe yourself in three words?

Crazy, laidback, hippie kid


You look very different to when you entered Open Mic UK, do you think image plays an important role for any musician?

I think image plays a very important role, it expresses what you like and what you’re like! It sounds odd I know but it shows your attitude whether your wild or calm


So, what’s life been like for you since winning TeenStar?

It’s been awesome, I’ve had so many people congratulating me which is really lovely and everything’s now on a whole new level and I’ve got loads of new gigs to play


Do you think TeenStar has helped you gain confidence as an artist?

Teenstar does so many things for an artist, helps you gain confidence, connect with an audience, build up your emotive process in a song. Yes, definitely


Did you think you had a good chance of winning?

Never ever! It was an amazing feeling, at the time I was just enjoying the whole amazing experience and meeting some great musicians! Winning it was a massive bonus


Were you nervous?

A bit, everyone was, but at the same time it was such an exciting feeling


You entered Open Mic UK in previous years, do you think that has really helped develop you as artist?

Over the years I have developed my own style and image as a musician, these competitions certainly help recognize your own personality and skills that you’re good at and not so good at. Yes it’s helped so much


What other things have you done to develop your music career?

Songwriting is one of the main aspects of music I have really focused on and this has helped me to develop myself and my music career because, you never realize until you share a song with an audience that, the song relates so much to them too, creating the performance to be personal between you and the crowd


What’s been the single most important thing to date, musically?

Musically, has to be writing and recording my own songs to share with an audience! I love that.


As a result of winning TeenStar you’ve played and impressed at a few festivals this summer?

I adore playing at festivals, they’re always a great time, I was so happy that people enjoyed my own songs at the festivals as well as the covers I did, I can’t wait to play even more in the future!


Which festival was your favourite?

Loose Music Festival, I mean The Darkness and Reef are playing, that’s gonna be so rad! Including loads of other artists, as well as playing music I love watching, being inspired


Which would be your ultimate festival to play at?

Main Stage at Glastonbury or Leeds festival, I would love that so much, plus Leeds is my birth town so that would be a lovely feeling to play at such an awesome event there. Would mean so much to me personally


Do you feel being based in the south West has been a help or hindrance?

It’s hard to say because wherever a teenager lives, they always want to be somewhere else sometimes! But songwriting here is so great, as the scenery is just too great to miss for inspiration


How difficult is it to get your name known as an unsigned performer?

It is a really difficult thing to do but if you want it enough, work hard and passionate enough about playing to an audience and sharing music, you will succeed


What importance do you place on your social networks to increase your fan base?

High importance, social media in this day and age is really key to getting a positive and dedicated fan base from around the world!


What tips would you give to those who are trying to get their name out there?

Be yourself and make sure you talk with other musicians who have more experience than you to help you understand more about what to do, keep in touch with people who enjoy your music as much as you can


Who are Luke Friend’s favourite artists?

Pearl Jam is my main love, Bob Marley, Cyndi Lauper, Matt Corby, Ben Howard, loads of artists!! All music inspires me in some form


Describe your music in three words?

Personal, meaningful, happy


People you respect and admire?

Friends, family and fans!


If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be?

Pearl Jam or Jeff Buckley

Check out Luke Friend’s winning TeenStar performance here:

Characula, the ‘Monster Mol’, releases disturbing new video

Soul sucking, tarantula munching she-demon does the erotically charged ‘Mummy Dance’

(Photography by Martin Julian CSC/Sunnyland Pictures)

Defying explanation and categorisation, Characula is a horror rock goddess with a difference. Currently living in Southern California, she is neither vampire, nor werewolf, mummy nor any other creature known from myth and folklore. Part sci-fi, part horror and all glamour, she-demon Characula is an entity to behold –and hear!

When she’s not devouring tarantulas or sucking the souls from the anciently departed, Characula has built herself a reputation as an ardent participant in ménage-a-monsters, scouring the streets for creatures and taking them to her bed. She is a black widow and seducer of B-movie incarnates. A literal lady of the night.

The video for her new song ‘Mummy Dance’ is a startling, frightening introduction to the character, showing the ghoulish temptress in full flow:

Uber-eccentric and a progenitor of sizzling sci-fi seduction, Characula is the alter-ego of singer-songwriter Cheri Anaclerio, who is looking to make the rock-horror character into an edgy, memorable reflection of her own spiralling imagination.

It’s a truly unique musical project, produced by renowned rock specialist Dito Godwin (No Doubt, Great White, KISS, Motley Crue). With an album on the way, ‘Mummy Dance’ is our first glimpse into the unknown – a fever dream the likes of which we’ve not seen before.

Find out more about Characula:

Herrington Codner wants ‘Justice For Freedom’ with new single

Herrington1Having impressed with urban reggae LP ‘Real’ earlier this year, Canada based singer-songwriter Herrington Codner returns this winter with single ‘Justice For Freedom’.

Aiming to bring a touch of sunshine as winter closes in, the track is something of a call to arms, with political overtones demanding ‘justice for freedom’ and asking the listener to ‘stand up for what you believe in’. These are familiar overtones in reggae music, and ones which Codner utilises very effectively with a catchy, pop-friendly chorus and a strong vocal.

The LP ‘Real’ is the third album release from Codner’s own imprint Center Lane Records. Written and developed on the Canadian roads and highways while working as a professional truck driver, the songs find inspiration from the sublime to the mundane. Based on everything from his personal beliefs to the everyday happenings of the world around him, they perfectly encapsulate a personal world view.

Match that with strong production and an obvious appreciation for a range of musical genres, and the new single is the latest in what promises to be a string of great releases. Codner has christened his blending of reggae and pop staples as ‘Ragwire’, a new genre which sets him apart from his contemporaries.


‘Justice For Freedom’ is released on Monday, November 25th

Love For Zero set to release single ‘Call Me Up’ in early 2014

Manchester 5 piece precede summer EP with killer electro-rock track

Having already supported the likes of The Bluetones, The Kooks and The Twang this year, Love For Zero are looking to make 2014 their own with their new single ‘Call Me Up’, swiftly followed by EP ‘Allies and Enemies’.

The Manchester band have impressed a number of established pros, including Bez (Happy Mondays) and Mike Joyce (The Smiths), with their mix of rock, indie and electronica and are set to win more fans with this killer single.

Mixed by Cenzo Townsend (The Maccabees, The Vaccines) and mastered by John Davies (Lana Del Rey, Snow Patrol), it’s a powerhouse of a tune that opens with an electro-pop sound before kicking into upbeat indie-rock.

The track was written at a time when each member of the band were finding influences in different genres, and ‘Call Me Up’ is the first track they wrote which truly creates a synergy between all those different approaches.

‘Call Me Up’ will be available from March 2014, but if you can’t wait until then, you can check out the video for previous track ‘Let It Go’ here:

Online/Social links:

Anglia Band set to release debut UK EP ‘Nothing I Can Do’

EP available from January 6th

It’s been a long time coming, but after 7 years of creating fantastic mainstream rock music and filling their website with music, Russian band Anglia are finally looking to come to the UK for a debut British release.

Fronted by singer-songwriter Nickie Sallivan, Anglia are a three piece which also includes drummer and songwriter Dimitri Stocchi and guitarist Eugine Drytine.

A huge fan of the UK Rock music scene, Sallivan writes songs which capture elements of Brit-pop, soft rock and UK indie, all with a mainstream pop flavour which gives the band a truly commercial sound.

The three track EP captures this range perfectly, from the balladeering of title track ‘Nothing I Can Do’ to the looped acoustic lines and huge rock chorus of ‘Little Happiness’, via the brit-pop stylings of ‘Mother Song’.

You can find the video for the title track here:

With a music career that has seen Anglia work with promoters, record labels and management companies across the UK and Russia, the new EP promises to be another step forward for this hard working outfit.

Band website:

The Rifles new single: ‘Minute Mile’

The Rifles new single, ‘Minute Mile, can be checked out here:

With 5 albums spanning 7 years the Rifles are now mainstays of Britain’s thriving indie rock. Unlike allot of what’s coming out the indie music scene at the moment the Rifles represent the more muscular side of the UK genre.Image

Songs like ‘Heebie Jeebies’ and their hit ‘Local Boy’ a pretty tight rhythmic pieces with prominent guitar riffs reminiscent of the Libertines, early Jam and maybe some of Oasis in there too.

Their influences are no real surprise since they have been quoted saying Oasis inspired them to make music and they have recorded much of their music Paul Weller’s Black Barn Studios.

Their new track, ‘Minute Mile’, is more of the same (no bad thing) with a very Strokes influenced intro and baseline with even a bit of Doves present in the building tambourine laden chorus.

Minute Mile’ precedes the release of their new album ‘None the Wiser’, out on January 20th 2014, produced by Dave McCracken (Ian Brown) and mixed by Steve Harris (Miles Kane) and Mike Crossey (Jake Bugg/1975).

Tickets for their November tour are available at



We are Scientists do Top Gun

We Are Scientists have released a video of them doing a cover of Berlin’s ‘Take my Breath Away’, a track from their Business Casual EP.

This comes ahead of their new global tour running from 10th November to late May 2014. The tour covers the US, UK Australia, Germany and France so it’s pretty extensive.

You can check out the video here: According to the band “It’s packed full with cutting edge green screen wizardry”, I might take that with a pinch of salt but it is pretty funny!

The video features bassist Chris Cain clumsily recount the iconic story of Top Gun to singer Keith Murray using only toy figurines, his cat and his imagination…so it’s a must see of course.

The Spring tour announcement also now hints at an album release around that time. Exciting news for We Are Scientists fans how haven’t had an album since 2010.